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FreshDV Audio Podcast – The Spotlight
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Interview with Stephen Hens on RED Production Workflow
Stephen Hens of Santa Monica-based Chophouse Edit discusses their Final Cut Studio RED workflow on a PSA project with actor Pierce Brosnan.

Interview with Lacie’s Mike Mihalik on Disk Backup Best Practices
Lacie’s Mike Mihalik speaks at length about the many different ways you can lose hard drive data. We hope that you’ll come away with a little more concern for your own backup processes, and take time to protect yourself properly in the event of a disk failure.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen

Interview with Keith Reamer, editor of Amreeka
Editor Keith Reamer talks about about his involvement in the production of Amreeka, and the unique challenges of editing a film in which about half includes arabic dialogue.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen

Distribution Podcast Roundtable Discussion
A frank and open conversation with experts Scott Kirsner and Jerome Courshon about practical indie distribution options that can generate revenue NOW.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen

Snapstream Media’s “DVR on Steroids”
A discussion on how users are utilizing the unique tools and features offered by Snapstream’s DVR series for multimedia creatives.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen

FreshDV Podcast – Using the Canon 5D MarkII in military applications
Tyler Ginter, 3rd platoon leader in the 55th Combat Camera, discusses the tools that Combat Camera is using in the field, the challenges of their unique workflow in Iraq and Afganistan, and specifically why they are looking hard at the Canon 5D MKII as a possible upgrade to their current kit.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen and Kendal Miller

Interview with Ikonoskop on the A-Cam dII “Digital 16mm” Camera
Ikonoskop dishes on the exciting new digital cinema camera called the A-Cam dII.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen

Podcast Interview with Tiffany Shlain on The Conversation
Tiffany Shlain, filmmaker, creator and founder of the Webby Awards, and a presenter at the upcoming event The Conversation, discusses her role at the upcoming event for filmmakers.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen

RedAntenna: Distribution and Monetization for Content Creators
RedAntenna, a company billing itself as “eBay meets iTunes,” has built itself around the idea that content creators need a marketplace to share their work. They are developing marketing and exposure opportunities for users, as well as an affiliate structure with user configurable rates.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen

Garrett Brown Podcast Interview: Dynamic Camera Movement at the Olympics
In this fascinating podcast interview with Garrett Brown, we engage in a frank and open conversation about how he developed the rigs used in the Olympics, and the specific challenges that had to be overcome to make it all possible.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen

Avid DS v10 Conference Call
FreshDV was a part of the initial conference call that announced this latest update, and Avid has kindly granted us permission to post a recording of that call here.

FreshDV Interview: Red Workflow comes to Film Master
Simon Cuff, President of Digital Vision, talks about the specifics of their .R3D support and talks about how Film Master and Data Conform can be used both in the ingest and final finishing process.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen and Kendal Miller

The Olympics of Encoding: Digital Rapids Brings Home the Gold
Interview with Digital Rapids, the company tasked with encoding the video feeds which ultimately end up streaming from
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen and Kendal Miller

XDCAM EX1 First Impressions Podcast Discussion
A frank, in-depth discussion on the pros and cons of the new Sony PMW-EX1 camcorder and recording formats.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen and Kendal Miller

Interview with Adam Wilt on the XDCAM EX1
In-depth interview with video guru Adam Wilt on his experiences and findings with the pre-production Sony XDCAM PMW-EX1 camcorder.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen

Short Interview with Michael Kent of DSC Labs
Short excerpts from an interview with DSC Labs Michael Kent. We talk about camera calibration, framing charts, and issues that could have been avoided in American Gangster.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen and Kendal Miller

November 13, 2007 Live Show Archive
November 13, 2007 FreshDV Live Call-in Show recording – Discussion on cinematography, wedding and event issues and steorotypes, and camera movement in storytelling.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen, Kendal Miller and Rick Henshaw

October 30, 2007 Live Show Archive
October 30, 2007 FreshDV Live Call-in Show recording – Discussion on all things film and digital.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen and Kendal Miller

Interview with Gary Bettan of Videoguys
Informative interview with Gary Bettan of Videoguys on a variety of topics related to editing, software and hardware.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen and Kendal Miller

SyncVue Pro 2.0 New Feature Tutorial (Video Podcast)
Part 1 of a tutorial series on the latest version of SyncVue Pro.
Hosted By: Kendal Miller

Calibrating a Light Meter for Digital Video (Video Podcast)
How to configure and use a cine light meter to speed up your lighting setups and better control exposure.
Hosted By: Kendal Miller
Camera: Matthew Jeppsen

Redrock microFollowFocus Update (Video Podcast)
This is a short video update on the latest revision to Redrock’s Follow Focus.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen
Camera: Kendal Miller

Interview with Filmmaker Bruce Allen
Hot topics we discussed were the Phantom HD high-speed cameras, Redrock’s updated Mattebox design and new HV20 shoulder rig, and Wafian and Codex Digital high-end recorders. We also discussed Bruce’s extensive testing of the Canon HV20 camcorder, and how to optimally setup the HV20 for maximum latitute.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen and Kendal Miller

Cinematech’s Scott Kirsner on Alternative Distribution
Variety columnist and brains behind Cinematech, writer Scott Kirsner spent some time with the FreshDV team recently and dished on alternative distribution options for indie films and where the market is heading.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen and Kendal Miller

Alternative Distribution For Indies
Mike Curtis of HD For Indies talks with us about alternative distribution trends and how Indies can get their films seen.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen and Kendal Miller

NAB 2007 Wrapup: A discussion with Mike Curtis
Mike Curtis of HD For Indies talks with us about some of the big announcements and trends at this year’s NAB Expo.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen and Kendal Miller

Dirty Shooter: An Interview with Douglas Glover (Part2)
Part 2 continues my in-depth interview with the Director of Photography for Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs”.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen

Dirty Shooter: An Interview with Douglas Glover (Part1)
Part 1 of an in-depth interview with the talented DP behind the hit Discovery Channel series “Dirty Jobs”.
Hosted By: Matthew Jeppsen

Introduction to Slating and Script Management: Part 2 (Video Podcast)
In this podcast we delve more into the script management side of things. Now that we have set that slate up correctly we’ll learn how to keep a line script and shot log and work them hand in hand with the information we have put on the slate to achieve a smoother workflow.
Hosted By: Kendal Miller

Introduction to Slating and Script Management: Part 1 (Video Podcast)
If you have ever wondered about the functionality of slating, what a shooting script or line script is and how to keep a shot log then this may be the perfect tutorial for you.
Hosted By: Kendal Miller

Redrock Micro: An Interview
Brian Valente of Redrock Micro dishes on the new mattebox and remote follow focus in development, and indie cinema in general.
Hosted By: Kendal Miller

Adobe Kuler Tutorial (Video Podcast)
A complete overview of Adobe’s Kuler swatch/theme selection service, and how it integrates with Photoshop.
Hosted By: Kendal Miller

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