If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

Currently I live in Las Vegas. I don't really love it here. I probably take living in LV for granted because I live here so it's not as fun XD. There are not that many trees, and I love trees, so.... But my favorite thing about here is the mountains. Most of the time, the mountain have snow on them so it makes it very beautiful, and cool :-). The places that are my dream to live in are Michigan, Chicago, IL, or Florida. I was born in Michigan and I love it there. If you got to choose, where would you want to live?
I would live in Bodrum. It has lovely, long and clean beaches, sun, clear sea, surf, rafting and other water sport opportunities, scenic beauties, great night life, a lot of historical places, traditional bath, traditional food, traditional music, traditional dance etc and it’s cheaper than the holiday resorts of other European countries.

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Nepal is one of the best country in the world. Nepal is 2nd richest country in water resources. You can learn and study as well as see various types of culture. The highest pick of the world Mt. Everest, birth place of lord Buddha, lowest Arun Valley etc are the main place to visit. You can stay here for long and enjoy everyday with various and different things. So you can Visit Nepal as Nepal is Celebrating Nepal Tourism Year 2011 you can get more advantage from this.
I'm perfectly happy living here in northern Italy and with my home in Colorado in the US. I think I could be happy just about anywhere as long as I could support myself. The world is full of interesting places with fun things to see and do, nice people and good food.
I would live in either Italy, Southern France or in a small little town in either England, Scotland and Ireland...so long as it's near mountains, lakes, forests and the sea.
right where I live now, in the Twin Cities, Minnesota USA!
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