Is it weird to have stretch marks all over my butt?

I know this is a weird question but I'm only 13 and have purple stretch mark on my butt is this normal!? Will it go away??? I'm scared!!!!
The best thing about a person's butt is that it is behind you and you never see it. If you have stretch marks - it will be somebody else's problem.

Anyhow purple marks are usually temporary and its normal for the lines to come and go during puberty. There's no guarantee the marks will go away, but it likely they will. The best way to avoid stretch marks is to maintain a constant weight and keep your legs and abdominal muscles toned by regular exercise.
Stretch marks are normal for female or male. Is either because your growing fast, gaining weight, or lost a ton of weight too fast and doing weights. Or they can be genetic. I am a 21 year old male and I started getting stretch marks at the age of 12 around my belly area and sides. Sorry to tell you this but they will never go away. They will lighten up after a few years but you can try using a few cream products to help you reduce the coloration of your stretch marks now! Try using Merderma, bio-oil, or any other product. Trying drinking more water and take vitamin E. GOOD LUCK!
Stretch marks often appear after rapid weight loss or gain. There are several treatments out there to lighten them. I have some on my back and they went away after using treatments i found online.

They will most likely NOT go away if they are indeed stretch marks.
got them when i was 13 too! i was never over weight just grew fast from 12 to 13. They faded completely and you cant see them at all. don't worry lots of girls go through that they just dont want to admit it

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