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NAB 2013 – Timecode Systems Limited

K5600 had some really cool updates at NAB 2013. There are a couple fixture updates, but the really cool announcement was the new tungsten-balanced bulb that works in the new HMI fixtures. It gives you the same output as their HMI daylight-balanced bulb, but in a tungsten color temperature. And their new two-light 200-watt kit (equivalent to 800-watts in tungsten terms) is an incredible value, and also offers a traditional fresnel type fixture design as an option. Very cool.

NAB 2013 – K5600 Daylight AND Tungsten balanced HMI lights from FreshDV on Vimeo.

Stu Maschwitz shows us Red Giant’s new tool called Bulletproof, and we get an update from Digital Rebellion.

NAB 2013 – Red Giant Bulletproof and Digital Rebellion from FreshDV on Vimeo.

Vince LaForet gives us a rundown on the MōVI M10 from Freefly Systems, a handheld camera stabilizer with a silent gyro and gimbal system that does amazing things to remove camera shake. And then, we got our hands on Movi, to deliver the world’s first side-by-side shootout with a C300 handheld. Watch that below!

NAB 2013 – FreeFly Movi M10 camera stabilizer from FreshDV on Vimeo.

Here’s the shootout, thanks to CJ Jordan. As you can see, it’s very very scientific. Watch below!

NAB 2013 – DJI Phantom

NAB 2013 – Adobe Part 2

FreshDV post-production host Scott Simmons dropped by Blackmagic to get the scoop on the DaVinci Resolve 10 and Scopes updates. Watch below.

NAB 2013 – Davinci Resolve and Scopes from FreshDV on Vimeo.

We’re on the ground in Las Vegas this week, bringing you extensive coverage of the National Association of Broadcasters Expo. Here’s how to stay ahead of it all…

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We dropped by the AbelCine booth at NAB to check out some cool B4 broadcast lens adapters for Digital Cinema Cameras, and along the way we had a little chat with Mitch and Andy about what they see coming in the 4K future. Watch below.

NAB 2013 – AbelCine Phantom Flex 4K

Andy Shipsides from AbelCine gives us the rundown on the new Phantom Flex 4K camera system.

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