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NAB 2014 Coverage

For NAB 2014, FreshDV is doing limited video coverage of the expo in association with our friends at Pro Video Coalition. PVC has a broad scope of NAB coverage for 2014, both videos articles, and Matt Jeppsen will be hosting a number of those videos with a focus on camera and lighting rolex replica watches. Expect video coverage to start going live on Tuesday April 8th.

You can watch at Also stay tuned for stream of consciousness NAB updates at and

Sony F5/F55 offer user-swappable OLPF

Adam Wilt breaks down the interchangeable Optical Low-Pass Filter options for Sony F5/F55 shooters, including resolution charts and image examples.

RED Dragon Skintones

The finest skintone examples I’ve seen to-date from RED Dragon, shot by Peter Collister, ASC. Watch below.

Dragon from Peter Collister on Vimeo.

Ryan Brown has a great blog post that walks you through his DIY RAID enclosure build. For $3288 he built a RAID5 box that delivers over 1100MB/s read and 1800MB/s write performance on his Windows system. Yes, it will work for Mac users as well. Ryan used (16) 1TB drives to build his RAID set, the effective space comes out to just under 14TB.

The price and performance look great. If you’ve got some time and are willing to DIY a little, this type of approach seems like a great solution for post-production. Check it out.

Over at my PVC channel I wrote an article wrapping up what I saw at Cine Gear this year. Check it out here.

I shot a commercial project last week that we chose to frame and crop to 2.35:1 frame. We landed on this aspect ratio so that we could carefully draw the audience’s attention to specific areas of the frame. The project was shot on the Canon C300, so we simply turned on those crop marks in camera, and framed with that intent. Now that we’re in post, we chose to lay out the footage on a standard 16:9 timeline in Premiere Pro, and are using the Motion effects tab to make minor vertical framing adjustments. It’s a pretty simple workflow, but there was some math involved and I had to google for a tutorial on the crop marks.

Here’s a great tutorial I located on how to lay out a PSD with crop marks, and the appropriate recipe for cropping the output from Premiere Pro. Simple, and it seems to work beautifully. Good luck!

NAB 2013 – Cinevate Axis Jib

At Zeiss, Rich gave us an update on their latest two zoom lenses, as well as a look at an early version of a forthcoming line of premium prime lenses for photo, and (hopefully) video soon after. In there is also an interesting discussion on 4K sensors and lenses for them.

NAB 2013 – Zeiss Zoom Lens Updates, new Prime, 4K Sensors and Lenses from FreshDV on Vimeo.

At the Kessler NAB booth we got a quick look at how to calibrate and set basic moves up on a 3-axis Kessler CineDrive system. Watch below.

Kessler CineDrive Motion Control Calibration & Quick Start from FreshDV on Vimeo.

NAB 2013 – Avid & Lightworks

NAB 2013 – GTechnology and CalDigit

Eric Kessler gives us the update on the complete and shipping Kessler CineDrive motion system, as well as the new Bloom and Stealth slider Carbon versions, and the new lightweight Pocket Jib Traveler.

NAB 2013 – Kessler CineDrive, Carbon Slider, and Pocket Jib Traveller from FreshDV on Vimeo.

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