Video Game High School is a web series that funded on Kickstarter, and they’re sharing an infographic breakdown of their $600k+ budget.

It’s a telling look into the cost of a series…for instance, look how small the camera budget is, in relation to Locations, Crew, and Post-Production. We always talk about how filmmaking is becoming more democratized, and it is…but there are still cost constants on any shoot. You will need actors. You will need a place to shoot. You will need crew. And you will need to edit, grade, and score the whole thing.

Related: If you’re interested with a comparison with a major studio film, I posted an article back in 2006 that broke down the budget of “The Village.”

One Response to “A peek at the budget of a $636,010 web series”  

  1. 1 vincent rice

    Cameras (Sony) and tripods (Libec) were donated – the budget amount therefore lower than normal

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