Win Della Luce in the Movember Live Gear Draw

Philip Bloom’s Movember charity drive is coming to a close, and Della Luce apparel fans have the chance to win one of ten shirts in the drawing. Details here.

The clothing choice of the discerning filmmaker Della Luce have generously donated ten t-shirts of your choice. These are not main prizes but bonus prizes so if you win one you can still win a biggie too! I LOVE these shirts and have just bought a stack more…I do love my t shirts and these are super well made with some cracking designs that are not too geeky…although a couple are :) Thanks Matt Jeppsen and the crew there!

We at Della Luce (myself and Kendal Miller) were proud to support this cause with some apparel prizes. Glad to hear Phil likes our line, geeky options and all! I guess when you’re a film nerd, it’s hard to hide it. :) Thanks, Phil!

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