Behold, fifteen minutes of behind-the-scenes production footage from the filming of 007 Skyfall, the latest in the Bond franchise. Trailer Addict somehow got their grubby mitts on this. There are probably location spoilers here, but not a lot of dialogue is revealed. I love that DP Roger Deakins operates so many of the shots, and the stunts are incredibly big. Watch below…

Skyfall B-Roll I

Skyfall B-Roll II

Skyfall B-Roll III

Skyfall B-Roll IV

Skyfall B-Roll V

This BTS footage is very well shot. Looks like a compilation of selects. As a side note, I’d guess it was shot on C300 or a good DSLR package (looks like Canon skintones). Props to the crew that shot all this BTS stuff, it looks amazing.

(via slashfilm)

One Response to “Why Did 007 Skyfall cost $150M? Here is Exhibit A”  

  1. 1 Alex

    Excellent BTS footage. It’s these sorts of clips that got me interested in film and tv as a kid. My favourite shot out of the lot is the GoPro (I assume) strapped to the rig on B-Roll 4 at 1.44sec as Craig runs along Parliament Street with all the police cars and fire engine merging at Parliament Square.

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