It’s finally here, the ProTune update is officially out for GoPro HD Hero2 cameras. It was first announced back at NAB 2012. The biggest upgrade is the addition of the 24p framerate and 35Mbps data rate, both which are long overdue and welcome upgrades for professional users. Here’s a little more info from the press release:

GoPro Protune is a free firmware upgrade for existing customers and can be downloaded from the GoPro web site or by simply synching the GoPro HERO2 with GoPro CineForm Studio software, which is also available as a free download. For more information, please visit

GoPro Protune: Optimized for Professional Production Pipelines
The GoPro Protune firmware upgrade adds key features critical for high end film and television broadcast productions, including:
24fps frame rate, enabling GoPro HERO2 content to be easily intercut with other sources without a frame rate conversion
35Mbps data rate for the industry’s highest quality compressed image with virtually zero artifacts
Neutral colour profile, allowing for greater flexibility in a colour correction workflow
Log curve encoding, offering more detail in shadows and highlights
Reduced sharpening and noise reduction for improved flexibility in professional post- production and colour design workflows

Protune Integration with GoPro CineForm Studio: GoPro Protune mode makes integration with GoPro CineForm Studio simple, automatically detecting Protune settings and applying the default adjustments to create stunning images. The workflow is further enhanced by a variety of color tuning presets, or ‘looks’ that further enhance the filmmakers’ story.

Using Protune with GoPro CineForm Studio Premium and GoPro CineForm Studio Professional provides additional benefits, offering extensive color correction controls and customisable presets to create professional, cinematic looks from the GoPro HERO2 captured content. Non-destructive 3D LUTs provide even more flexibility, enabling users to further tweak their images, manipulate saturation and contrast and color correction controls to create highly stylized content.