The Black & Blue has just released a refresh of their Digital Cinema Pocket Guides, and this update is awesome. It includes twenty pocket reference guides with all the essential info a shooter or camera assistant needs to know about cameras like the Alexa, Epic, C300, FS700, Miro, to name a few.

In addition to answering common FAQ’s like picture style recommendations and format/framerate options, the guides also include really essential reference info like battery life in various modes, and media speed requirements and runtime. There are so many cameras and options out there these days, it’s very difficult to commit all this info to memory. These guides are a great way to stay up to date on what each camera system is capable of, and common best practices for each.

These PDF guides are designed to print perfectly onto a single sheet of paper, and are also formatted to work well on a tablet/iPad. I’ll keep them on my iPhone. They are released on a donation basis, with the suggested amount at $7 USD. In my opinion, that’s a bargain. Get some.