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Ran across this awesome behind the scenes snippet from the filming of Hugo. The Steadicam op Larry McConkey mounted a GoPro to his rig, and captured a long single-take scene. It’s a masterclass in deceptively-simple, thoughtful Steadicam operating, and you can see the intricate level of blocking and planning that went into this 360-degree scene (watch the wall move so they can slide in behind the chair). Also keep an aye on the audio boom guy…he’s working his butt off as well. This sort of stuff is just inspiring filmmaking. Watch below.

And here’s the finished shot, for reference.

Also, here’s s short interview with Larry about his career choice.

(via @edmoore)

6 Responses to “Steadicam BTS from the filming of Hugo”  

  1. 1 Adriel Brunson

    The links to Photobucket are not working.

  2. 2 Matthew Jeppsen

    Embeds have been fixed.

  3. 3 Rob

    Wow! Thank you for posting these. That was the most beautiful filmmaking clips I’ve seen in a long time. Seeing how the magic is done doesn’t make it any less magical. I long to be a part of projects this wonderful and work with people this talented and dedicated.

    Steadycam is so cool. I have a Merlin but I don’t have the skill. Time to practice some more.

  4. 4 Adriel Brunson

    Thank you, great clips!

  5. 5 Larry Rizzutti

    Loved the Movie, great to see some of how it was made.

  6. 6 Andy

    Such a beautiful technique, and wonderful behind the scenes footage.
    Would love to some day be able to employ this form of camera work in my own projects.

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