Dan Chung has posted a video shootout between two much-hyped DSLR cameras, the Canon 5D MKIII and the Nikon D800. He’s also got some comparisons to the Nikon D4 thrown in there as well.

It’s a long, detailed, and very well-done review of these cameras, with side-by-side example footage and his thoughts on every real-world test. If you are interested in any of these cameras for video and filmmaking, this review is a must-read. Check it out!

Update: To help Dan with bandwidth, FreshDV has agreed to host the full-quality 1080/25p ProRes HQ low-light footage comparison between the 5D MKIII, D800, and D4. The file is 1.6 GB and will likely take a few hours to download. You can right-click and download that file here. I’d recommend checking out the comparison Dan posted to Vimeo, first. As he says, the H.264 encode masks some of the noise, but the video embedded below will give you an idea of what the test scenario is, before you start that long 1.6GB download…

The thing that really stands out to me in this low-light comparison is just how clean the 5DMKIII’s and D4’s 3200 ISO footage is. Even the D4’s 2.7x center-crop mode footage looks fantastic, comparatively speaking, at 3200 ISO. I did not expect that, given that crop footage tends to blow up and showcase the problems in footage. To my eye, there appears to be some very light fixed-pattern noise in the Mark 3’s grain structure, and it looks to be horizontal in orientation. It’s a pattern reminiscent of the noise I’ve seen many a time in RED One and RED MX high-ISO footage, the difference being that RED fixed-pattern appears as vertical lines in your footage. The D4 doesn’t seem to show that same fixed-pattern structure at 3200 ISO, or at least not in this footage. Regardless, they are all performing quite well in a challenging low-light scenario. Really interesting comparison.

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