Kessler has been working on a new motion control system called Fusion for well over a year or so now, and they’ve just launched the official website and announced a timeline. They’ve also announced a price…$6,000 for a three-Axis moco system.

Kessler has had a motion control option for a while…the Oracle is an analog motor system that allows you to control sliders and pan/tilt heads on all their gear. It’s a solid system, and great value for budget motor control of a slider or pan/tilt head. But being an analog system, it has limited repeatability accuracy, and you will quickly find the limits of the system when programming complex moves.

Fusion’s all-digital brain and motors make complex moves 100% repeatable (great for VFX), and their custom software user-interface allows you to do very complex things with a minimum of effort and training. For instance, ramping a start/stop transition or keyframe is ridiculously simple in Fusion, you simply drag bezier handles to adjust the ramp. It looks like Kessler really took the time to talk with timelapse and moco power-users, and build in very effective tools. They really are a very customer-centric company; Eric Kessler talks a bit about that development process in this NAB 2011 interview.

A lot has changed since NAB of last year, here’s a video demo of the Fusion interface with Eric Kessler, watch as he walks you through all that the Fusion GUI can do…

The announced timeline for Kessler Fusion is a demonstration at NAB 2012, followed by a Limited Release in May. June/July will bring the Full Release (all features 100% operational), and by December they will be adding additional features in what’s called Phase 3. There’s a nice long list of common questions in this Fusion FAQ, so head on over there if you are looking for more info.

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  1. 1 Robert Ruffo

    Kessler gear is super reliable and really understands the filmmaker in its design. I can’t WAIT to buy this.