Here’s a great tutorial video with Andy Shipsides of Abel Cine, and Jem Schofield of The C47. Last year, when the Sekonic 308DC Light Meter was released, they got together to show how to use this inexpensive little meter to simplify working with a video camera. In the following video, they thoroughly explain how to calibrate the meter to the native light sensitivity of the AF100, using the camera’s waveform (this will work with any camera, really). Once you have calibrated the meter to the camera, you can use the meter to rough-in your scene lighting ratios and placement quickly and efficiently, without looking at your camera monitor. It’s a great tutorial video, watch below.

Sekonic’s 308DC Light Meter with AF100 from AbelCine on Vimeo.

Recently Jem Schofield, from, came by to check out the Panasonic AF100 and show us the new Sekonic 308DC light meter. This little light meter has several modes including one that makes it work perfectly with the AF100. In this mode the ISO, frame rate and shutter value can be set for matching to the camera. Previously, these features were only available in more expensive meters. Watch the video above to learn more about the meter and see how we used it to light a scene.

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