Sony has been cranking out some great E-mount cameras lately, the NEX7 and the FS100 offer incredible features and image quality at their price points. But there’s been a gaping hole in the discussion around these cameras, and that is a lack of electronic lens adapters for Canon lenses.

The Sony E-mount system has a very short flange depth, which enables it to work with a wide variety of lens options. Most FS100 users that I know are shooting on either manual Nikon lenses like the Zeiss ZF series, or Zeiss/Contax glass with a manual aperture (shameless self-promotion: I rent a six-lens Zeiss/Contax prime lens set here). These options are high-quality and look great on these cameras for narrative cine-style shoots, or sit-down interviews. But being limited to prime lenses is very frustrating for documentary and run-n-gun situations. Docu shooters need good fast zooms, and there’s not a lot of options right now beyond the FS100 stock lens, which is very slow, annoying to focus, and doesn’t make very pretty images. Beyond that, many shooters have a big investment in Canon glass, and without electronic controls users have resorted to annoying and time-consuming workarounds to change their lens aperture.

We’ve talked about the Conurus Metabones electronic Canon lens adapter before, but there wasn’t a lot of info available on it. But I just spotted a video review over at C5D that finally shows the Metabones adapter working with the FS100. There appear to be a few small bugs still in the system, but these seem like minor issues that many users will happily work around until a fix emerges. In general, it looks like the affordable solution that FS100 and NEX7 shooters have been waiting for. Watch the review below.

You can find more info on the $400 Metabones adapter here.

3 Responses to “Review of Metabones EOS to Sony E-mount Adapter”  

  1. 1 MJ Toffan

    I received my adapter on Saturday (25 February 2012), installed it on my FS100, and verified it works as advertised with the four Canon mount lenses in my collection.

    The build quality is comparible to that of my Zeiss lenses. The fit is excellent, both on the camera and with the lenses. It runs off the camera battery, requires no extra wires and allows aperature control via the camera aperature thumb wheel.

    Lenses I verified are functioning with this adapter include:

    Canon 2.8L 24x70mm

    Tokina 2.8 11x16mm

    Zeiss 35mm F/2.0 Distagon ZE Lens F/Canon EF

    Zeiss 50mm F/2.0 Makro-Planar ZE Lens F/Canon EF

    I am very pleased with this adapter…FS100 users finally have a smart adapter enabling aperature control of Canon glass on the camera! In my opinion it is well worth the cost.

    Note: I did not verify IS functionality as I donít currently own a lens with IS capability.


  2. 2 Witjak

    Dear Mr mjtoffan,
    It is great that now we can use Canon lenses.
    I try to buy the adapter for my NEX 7, but so far there is not available in Jakarta Indonesia. Where can buy the thing? Is that available in Singapore?
    At the latest info (before I read your experience), the adapter fail with NEX 7 and NEX 5N. Is your adapter the new version (or fix ones)?
    Thanks alot,

  3. 3 MJ Toffan

    Hi Witjak

    It is really exciting to be able to use the Canon lenses on the NEX cameras. When I went out to the Conurus site in mid January they were already sold out and the site did not allow for ordering. So from the site, I sent them an email expressing my interest in purchasing an adapter when the next batch came available. They contacted me via email in mid February and I ordered mine via email.

    I recommend you try contacting them from the Conurus site as I did and provide them your email address and contact information. I am sure the demand for this adapter is very high, so some patience and persistence will probably be helpful.

    I have the lastest version of the adapter, which I believe uses the most recent software as well. It continues to work very well for me and I am quite pleased.

    All the best


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