Here’s another episode of GearIn60 on an underwater housing from Nauticam. Nauticam has a ton of housings for all sorts of DSLR cameras, this particular housing is the NA-60D which is specific to the Canon 60D DSLR camera. In this short review, I show how the housing enabled us to get a dynamic waterfall jump shot, a reverse of this shot from below (that was shot in a pool with scuba gear), and also another shot that required splashing the camera lens. Watch this Gear in 60 Seconds video below, and detail pictures follow…

The story is a narrative short adventure film for Christ In Youth, for their “Believe” youth tour event. In this scene, the main characters are being chased by “sandmen,” and are forced to jump off the waterfall to escape. We figured the best way to add drama to the jump would be to follow our characters off the falls, similar to what has been done in the Bourne series of films. The film was directed by CIY’s MD Neely, gaffed by Kendal Miller, and myself Matt Jeppsen was the Director of Photography and operator on these shots.

This was shot on a Canon 60D at 720/60p, with the Canon L-series 14mm prime lens. The slow-motion shot from the side angle was a FS100 using the stock 18-200 lens, at 1080/60p. The Nauticam NA-60D housing was equipped with a beautiful DP-230 port by Zen Underwater, and delivered perfect clarity and controls. It’s the best underwater housing I’ve had the pleasure of shooting with to-date, with a plethora of hard buttons that control every feature of the DSLR. It’s also built like a tank, and rated to 100 meters. It retails for around $3,000 USD.

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