I own a SmallHD DP6 monitor, and love it. It’s a fantastic monitor, and it works equally well with HDMI DSLRs as well as cameras like the HD-SDI equipped EX3, or the HDMI and HD-SDI equipped RED camera.

I’ve discovered that I can perfectly shoehorn the complete DP6 monitor kit (and accessories) into an affordable Pelican 1150 case. Here’s a Gear In 60 Seconds video that shows you how. Watch below…

Gear In 60 Seconds – SmallHD DP6 (and DP4) Monitor Case from FreshDV on Vimeo.

Gear List:
* SmallHD DP6 with HD-SDI
* Pelican 1150 hard case
* Zacuto Zicromount III

DP6 accessories that fit into this case with the monitor: Removeable screen protector, neoprene monitor case, neoprene sun hood, HDMI passive pass-thru box, Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable, power cable, 2x SmallHD batteries, battery charger & cable.

As a side note, the SmallHD DP4 + accessories also fits snugly into this case, providing that you include a little extra foam on the top or bottom.

In addition to this monitor kit, I’ll generally bring a Zacuto Zamerican arm and a Zaffer clamp in another one of my bags, so I can easily mount the monitor to 15mm rods, or in some cases on the audio boom stand for my director (who is often the interviewer). See the following photos for an example of that setup…

As you can see, I’m using a Zaffer clamp mounted on the top of a c-stand to clamp onto the audio boom. On the side of the Zaffer is a Zud fitting that accepts a Zamerican arm, which is supporting the SmallHD DP6 monitor. You could use other varieties of arms and clamps as well, like the Bogen Magic Arm/Super Clamp kit. For this interview setup, the DP6 is hooked into a Sony EX3 via HD-SDI cable, and my interviewer now has a monitor to quickly check and see what the frame looks like, and whether the camera is moving or re-framing while our talent may be answering a key question. It’s also very helpful for me as a DP…I can turn the monitor around and quickly adjust my lights without having to run back to the camera.

Special thanks to the ever-creative Jesse Rosten for conceiving and building our GearIn60 logo intro.

4 Responses to “Gear In 60 Seconds – SmallHD Monitor Case”  

  1. 1 Steve

    Great stuff!! what lights are you using here?

  2. 2 Matthew Jeppsen

    Thanks Steve. The lights I’m using on this interview setup are 1×1 LED generics, more info here: http://www.freshdv.com/2011/07/gearin60-travel-lighting.html


  3. 3 Howard Newstate

    How is the contrast on the SmallHD monitor? Is it a pretty true image to what you’re actually capturing?

  4. 4 Matthew Jeppsen

    I think the DP6 is a fantastic image right out of the box. And it’s fully adjustable, with blue-only mode and all your standard color/contrast/luminance settings, as well as two different gamma curves in the latest firmware.

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