I often use a $299 Samson Zoom H4n when recording sync sound (for DSLR video or otherwise), but one complaint is that it eats batteries for lunch. I rarely get more than a few hours out of it. Which is why I was very interested to hear about a new PCM audio recorder on Engadget…this Beseto recorder runs a whole week on AA’s!

3 Responses to “Beseto Audio Recorder runs a week on AA’s”  

  1. 1 Erin Wiedner

    I took a look at this and was amazed that the battery life was so great.

    However, there was one thing which I was slightly unsettled by, it only records 16bit 44.1kHz instead of 24bit 48kHz.

    I understand that it might not be oriented towards users who need that higher bitrate, but I still see it as lacking for Pro use.

    But, that battery life is still amazing…

  2. 2 Len Feldman

    The Beseto needs an external battery pack to get a week’s worth of life, and it doesn’t have the dual XLR connectors of the H4n. If you don’t need the XLRs, there are many other portable recorders that should get better battery life, from Sony, Olympus, Tascam, Zoom and others.

  3. 3 will

    the Sony d50 lasts forever on 4 aa batteries. One of my best purchases…

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