Cool spot. Cool concept. Cool gear. Crazy accurate driving. Watch below.

Canon 5D MK 2 Drift Car Commercial with BTS from Cinevate on Vimeo.

10 Responses to “Canon 5D MKII NOS drifting spot”  

  1. 1 Robert Ruffo

    Whenever I see someone using 5D except as a crash cam or crevice cam on a high budget spot I think: “What a clueless idiot who drinks the herd’s Kool-Aid and uses a low-res, aliased cam that does not re-compress well and has horrifically low dynamic range and cannot be re-graded in post to do pro work. He must really have no grasp at all on modern cam technology, so he just nods blankly to what he reads posted by “cool kids” on the internet who in many cases don;t even have high school degrees. Students and no-budget indies, I get it, but guys with real money – putting your prod at risk like that when you could rent an Alexa, a Red… It’s just plain stupid. Massively stupid. Time for him to retire or go back to school.

  2. 2 Robert Ruffo

    One good choice he made : Cinevate gear is great. I sue it all the time with Red and Alexa

  3. 3 Matthew Jeppsen

    If I had to guess, Robert, budget may have been an issue that drove them to DSLRs. That’s the common theme that drives me to select DSLRs for client shoots vs Red or other camera systems. I’m not a DSLR snob, it just seems that budgets force me to shoot with them more often than not.


  4. 4 JayDee

    Robert, lighten up and look at the results before you go on a rant: the spot looks great !

    Otherwise, you come off as a snob.

    And, by the way: looking at all your typos and misspellings, I’d be tempted to say you’re one of those “cool kids with no high school degree”.

    High school degree ? Really ? Or diploma, perhaps.


    So go rent a Red or an Alexa and show us your stuff.

  5. 5 Robert Ruffo

    hey, I type fast – I have a Undergrad degree in Film from Concordia U here in Montreal, – no masters, but part of one (I quit). Besides, English is my third language.

    To Matthew – I hear you about budget, but what I don’t get is 7D plus hotdog mount + PL lenses vs Red with great SLR lenses – the Red will give you much, much better results in that trade-off and costs way, way less.

    I also fail to see how something like a DSLR saves money – you need to spend more time on lighting (no latitude in post), no latitude in framing so that dolly that you got almost right, you will have to re-shoot, whereas with Red you could re-frame in post to fix a small problem, you will lose some shots due to moire/skew, you must always check for moire, often re-choosing wardrobe – seems to me, depending on your other per-day costs, that the DSLR is actually costing you money, not saving you money, because it makes the shoot day longer.

  6. 6 Jack

    Awesome driving and freaken love NOS drinks.
    NOS + Vodka = amazing shots

  7. 7 Casey Ryan Stone

    Looks to me like the dslr’s were perfectly used, giving the spot a viral feel, more spur of the moment in it’s vibe then scripted and pristine.

    Musicians have been using low quality tools for their distortion and dissidence for decades, so better video quality may be exactly what they didn’t want. Why send Red footage through a lengthy post process making it look “bad” when you can get it in camera on the day.

    just a thought.

  8. 8 Carlos De Jesus

    Question How come you got a smooth high speed shot on a camera that only goes 30fps? The camera use for the lower angle shot that is rigg on the floor is a 5D??

    Good spot!!!!

  9. 9 dennis wood

    Steve has worked at very high budgets, and lower ones too. For this piece, it was very much a viral campaign, and the 5D was the look they were looking for. Steve also commented on the vimeo thread as far as the color correction which reflects the NOS brand colors quite nicely! In talking with Steve a lot over the last few months, it’s very apparent that he gets shots that often have other’s scratching their heads using Panavision custom snorkel lenses and the like. There’s another very cool project in the works that will have even more folks scratching their heads. We’re stoked for it!

    Dennis Wood (CEO)

  10. 10 Charles Wood

    This argument about moire, grading, aliasing etc is one of the stupidest complaints Ive ever read about the 5D/7D.

    These guys arent making Lawrence of Arabia.

    They are making a spot where 99.8% of the world will see this spot on uncalibrated, crappy, poorly lit computer monitors. And those people will absolutely love it all the same because they idea is sharp.

    So get off your high horse about Red, Alex, PL Lenses and atleast try to have some idea of where the production of spots is going.

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