We all know that you generally get what you pay for with DIY. But recently Anthony Ajit Prem tipped me off about a DIY wireless external monitor project for Canon DSLR shooters (photos or video) for under $200 that looks pretty stinking sweet!

Robert Benson is the photog who cobbled together this solution with off the shelf parts and is selling them for $196 shipped. He makes no grandiose claims about the device, being careful to note that this is a very DIY thing built in his garage…but a wireless monitor? For $200? I’m impressed. Watch the video below for a demo that shows it working in both stills and Live View mode. In the blog post where you can buy this monitor, Robert specifically states that this monitor works in both Live View and Video Record modes (I knew someone was going to ask). Watch below.

As a side note, I liked this project so much I just bought one.

5 Responses to “$200 Wireless Monitor for your Canon DSLR”  

  1. 1 Matthew Galvin

    This is cool – I’ve been doing something similar with a 900Mhz system. If you want to get decent focus results, you’ll want a monitor with at least 480P resolution.

  2. 2 Kevin

    any chance you can do a quick review after you’ve used it a few times?
    Thanks, Kevin

  3. 3 Matthew Jeppsen

    @Kevin I’ll probably post a quickie “works good” or “sucks hard” type review after I’ve had a chance to use it. :-)


  4. 4 Fox Watson

    Well this looks great but the old myth or fact? concerning standard def monitors still persists. That is the nagging idea of standard def monitors not working well for focus with HDDSLR . Can someone who is in the know settle this issue once and for all?
    I’m assuming it at least runs at a 480 resolution!?

  5. 5 Jeff

    @Fox Watson – We still use an SD monitor quite often with our 7D. The quick-zoom feature (not sure what it’s called) makes focussing easy. Without that though, you’re right – wouldn’t be possible.

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