Jerome Stern has many many thoughts and comments on the myriad gamma issues swirling around Mac editors using DSLR footage. It’s a very long, very detailed article, and to be honest I haven’t been able to read it in it’s entirety yet. But he’s piqued my interest with the topic, so perhaps this will interest you as well. Check it out, love to hear feedback as readers digest his comments.

2 Responses to “Color Correction and Gamma Runaround with DSLR Footage”  

  1. 1 Stu Mannion

    Argh. What a mess this gamma issue is. My best tip is to use the free x264 encoder instead of Apples’s H.264 one for web delivery.

    Does anyone else have a solution for web and DVD delivery? The workflow suggested in the article isn’t that practical.

  2. 2 Illya Laney

    Create custom compression settings to compensate. The best solution for monitoring is to watch the video on multiple monitors(Mac and PC) and multiple TV’s to see if your compression settings work.

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