sony_aps_hd_camcorderToday Sony announced that they are developing a new line of interchangeable lens camcorders, for release in the fall of 2010. They will be based on an APS Exmor CMOS sensor and built around a “E-mount” that can also be adapted to Sony’s Alpha lenses. It is my understanding that Sony DSLRs with an A-mount can also be ring-adapted to other lens mounts, like Nikon, M42, etc. Not sure about current Canon glass. Here’s a quick blurb from the press release:

“The new camcorder will be equipped with the same “Exmor” APS HD CMOS sensor to be used in “NEX-5” and “NEX-3.” In addition, the camcorder will be compatible with “E-mount” interchangeable lenses developed for “NEX-5” and “NEX-3”, and also the wealth of “A-mount” interchangeable lenses from the existing Alpha DSLR camera lineup via a mount adaptor. By combining these features, Sony aims to market a camcorder capable of generating a variety of creative expressions in full HD quality.”

Now this announcement follows Sony’s PMA hinting a few months ago that they will be adding AVCHD video to certain DSLRs. That was brought to fruition today with the announcement of the NEX-3 and NEX-5 APS cameras with interchangeable E-mount lenses (which are adaptable, as noted above). Clearly they are getting the message that consumers want video options. Some really cool features in those NEX cameras…flip up LCD? Yes please.

Watch Sony’s preview video below:

8 Responses to “Sony announces interchangeable lens mount camcorders”  

  1. 1 Ernānio Mandlate

    But you know RED will just counter and say “1080p is the VHS of the future” or “we SHOOT RAW” or “Our 3D Renders are cooler than theirs.

  2. 2 carl weston

    I really like what red is doing but there message, 4k all day is bs! Even if I end up with a 2/3 scarlet I’ll mostly be shooting and delivering in 1080 mode.

  3. 3 Matthew Jeppsen

    I’m with you, Carl. VHS of the future or not, 1080p is an efficient workflow that is sufficient for so many applications these days. Assuming that everyone would use 4K must stem from the perception that only feature films will be using the RED. The non-filmmaking market is much larger.


  4. 4 M.Goodman

    Whoa! the lens is bigger than the cam itself, haha! cool!

  5. 5 Nicholas

    People can say what they will personally I think 1080P is here to stay for years to come. HD was developed in the 1969 and it’s still not a mainstream format. It’s going to be extremely hard to convince consumers to upgrade their HDTV’s to 2K. 1080P looks gorgeous on a 50″ TV so much so that’s its almost impossible to justify an 2K upgrade based on quality.

  6. 6 JayDee

    I bought a Canon T2i and I love it. Still, It’s not a camcorder replacement: when you actually use it in the field, you quickly realize that’s it’s a nightmare to focus and zoom ins and outs are practically out of the question.

    One they, Red will release Scarlet and I’ll probably buy one. I do a lot of special effects and let me tell you: shooting in 3K would be really really helpful.

    So, basically, I need a few different hammers in my toolbox.

    We live in exciting (and expensive…) times !

  7. 7 D4 Manager

    I believe Canon is developing something too.

  8. 8 mike

    i will buy one if it has the slow mo feature.

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