freshdv_filmmaker_conversations_bandito_facilityFreshDV recently had the chance to meet with a group of Los Angeles-based filmmakers that are at the forefront of the DSLR filmmaking revolution. In collaboration with Bandito Brothers (the creative group behind the amazing doc “Dust to Glory”), seasoned cinematographer Shane Hurlbut has been breaking new ground in DSLR filmmaking for some time now. Bandito is currently in post-production on the Navy Seals feature film that Shane lensed, shot largely on Canon DSLR cameras and due for release in late 2010.

We sat down at Bandito Brothers beautiful Culver City, CA facility to talk about their experience as filmmakers, working with DSLRs, and in particular the work they did on the Navy Seals feature, currently entitled “Act of Valor.”

In these two 20-minute videos, Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, Bandito’s Jacob Rosenberg, and Hesh Rephun of Raging Artists candidly open up about the filmmaking process. It’s a fascinating and informative discussion, and we hope you enjoy it. Watch below.

Conversations with Filmmakers: Shane Hurlbut / Jacob Rosenberg / Hesh Rephun, Part I
Conversations – Bandito / Hurlbut 01

Conversations with Filmmakers: Shane Hurlbut / Jacob Rosenberg / Hesh Rephun, Part II
Conversations – Bandito / Hurlbut 02

If you enjoyed these videos, please tell a friend or give us a shout out on Twitter. You can watch Mouse McCoy’s BMW M3 spec “Living in the Lights” that is referenced in this interview here. There’s a nice behind the scenes article on the production of that video over at Raging Artists. I should also mention that Bandito’s Mike McCarthy maintains a blog on HD editing for the PC at

You may also be interested in a short film Shane recently shot at Bandito’s facility entitled “The Last 3 Minutes.” They’ve also posted The Making of “The Last 3 Minutes” and The Making of The Janitor Sequence From “The Last 3 Minutes”. Excellent resources for filmmakers!

Conversations with Filmmakers Production Credits: Camera – Daniel Boswell / Editor: Matt Jeppsen

2 Responses to “Conversations with Filmmakers – Bandito Brothers and Shane Hurlbut”  

  1. 1 Peter Jordan of POV-HD

    Excellent “Conversation w/Bandito Bros.”. Please tell how you were able to get such good audio. I saw only a small shotgun on the “A” DSLR camera. Alright, so there was some BG chatter in segment #1 & a bit boomy in that large empty space, but that’s to be expected.
    I didn’t see Lavs, Boom Mic, cables or anything suggesting a sound crew. Thank You I awaite your responce.

  2. 2 Matthew Jeppsen

    There’s an audio recorder on a small stand just behind the A camera. Unfortunately it was acting up that day. We ended up using the backup audio from the 5D MKII DSLRs equipped with shotgun mics (with manual audio levels set). The shotguns were Azden SMX-10 models, a svelte little $65 mic that kicks ass.


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