steadycam_gimbalI’d venture that a good percentage of starving film students with an internet connection are probably aware of Johnny Chung Lee and his $14 “steadycam” design. Nowadays Johnny is working for Microsoft’s Project Natal team, putting his 133t Wii remote hacking skills to good use. But I digress. In the spirit of Johnny’s stabilizer design, I stumbled across another DIY handheld stabilizer tutorial, this one actually includes a 3-axis gimbal design and appears to work surprisingly well. Check it out at this link, or view the example footage below if you aren’t yet convinced.

5 Responses to “$10 DIY Steadicam wannabe with 3 axis gimbal”  

  1. 1 Alex

    That was his first design. He has since posted updated models of his steadicam here:

    His latest one is heavily based off of this one:

  2. 2 Jordan

    I’ll admit, I was skeptical, but the music in the video really sold it. Seriously, nothing says “smooth as butta” footage quite like the sweet, sweet sounds of Timbaland…

  3. 3 sve

    sve fiyatlari, sve nedir, sve malzemeleri, d?? cephe kaplamasi olarak kullanilan sveler, sve boyasi.

  4. 4 divx film izle

    Seriously, nothing says smooth as butta footage quite like the sweet, sweet sounds of Timbaland

  5. 5 MIchael Panfeld

    Hi Matt:

    Thanks for the link. But the truth is I am using this to ask you whatever happened to the downloadable versions of Parts 1 & 2 of the Art of Pulling Focus series. Its been almost two years and you guys had promised to put those up. I think that you said something like its gonna happen, its just a matter of time. Any progress? Thanks and thanks again for great reports and Fresh ideas.