The National Film Board of Canada has completed digitizing their archives, and have made them available online. There’s an amazing collection of historical archives, shorts, and features freely available on the site. They also offer extremely affordable licensing terms for teachers and classrooms.

6 Responses to “National Film Board of Canada Complete Archives now online”  

  1. 1 danap

    This excellent site gives access to both English and French films. Enjoy

  2. 2 film izle

    Ooh. Thank you.

  3. 3 KD

    Hah! The Big Snit – I love that. “WHY DON’T YOU GO JOIN SOME SHAKING ROCK AND ROLL BAND!” I love how her Scrabble board has CARROST and he is re-arranging his even though they are all E’s.

  4. 4 Christopher Robinson

    I’m in heaven! Thanks for letting everyone know about this. I’m sure their servers will crash this week. Donald Britton and Richard Condie here I come!

  5. 5 Christopher Robinson

    The title is misleading…this isn’t anywhere near the “complete” archive. Not even expremely popular ones like Gwynne Dyer’s “War” is there. Only a few of Donald Britton’s are up.

    take care,

  6. 6 keldrin

    Cool link, thanks for the info.

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