Zacuto’s HD Camera Shootout

Zacuto has shot and posted a comparison scene between a number of popular HD camcorders. They compared 35mm Film, the Red One, HPX3000, HVX200 w/ Letus Ultimate, HVX200 w/ Letus Elite, HVX200 w/ Redrock Micro, XDCAM PMW-EX3, HPX170, XH-A1, 5D-MKII DSLR, and the D90 DSLR. You can see the results below, as well as the associated discussion by the Zacuto crew and two young filmmakers.

Zacuto’s Great Camera Shootout ’08 from Steve Weiss, Zacuto USA on Vimeo.

Camera configuration details here, and associated discussion on the test here.

One Response to “Zacuto’s HD Camera Shootout”  

  1. 1 Curtis Wayne

    Great discussion and footage!

    What 35mm camera did they shoot with? What lens (50mm, I assume)? And what film speed and stock?


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