Today we at FreshDV are excited to announce the first part in an exclusive multi-segment training series on directing. These intensive FreshDV Film School Director’s Course video tutorials delve deep into what is required of a director and assistant director, both on and off set, and what areas those on that career path can concentrate on to achieve their goals. The discussion is hosted by FreshDV’s Kendal Miller, and Chicago filmmaker Joe Martin brings his unique perspective in teaching the role of a director.

This Part 1 segment is a 15-minute introductory video that discusses the basic qualifications, job description and overall tasks a director is responsible for in a production. It also delves into the practical and creative motivations that drive a successful director.

Part 2 deals with the script revision process, both in pre-production and on set. Whether a script change is sparked by a creative choice, a budgetary concern, or to fix a shooting problem, this video segment covers the basic protocol and tangible essentials of how you can handle this in your next production.

Part 3 digs deep into the pre-production responsibilities of a Director and Assistant Director. Joe and Kendal discuss the process of breaking down a script by scenes and shots, assigning scene numbers, and building the day to day schedule. They show a sample script breakdown sheet and other necessary forms. Independent filmmakers by and large seem to have the attitude that planning doesn’t matter…but as Joe says in the video, pre-production should be 80% of a project. These tips and techniques will help you get a handle on the planning and pre-prod process, and help you come in under budget and make your shooting schedule.

Watch all three segments in the playlist below or at FreshTV, and please stay tuned for the next installment of this extensive series.

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11 Responses to “FreshDV Film School: Director’s Course Part 1”  

  1. 1 chris

    thank you

  2. 2 Mr. Sifuentes

    Every Insight dialogue. Currently, I am working on a feature film as a 1st AD. I have already worked as a 2nd AD on a Commercial and Feature Film and as a 1st AD I have done a music video, commercial, a short film, a tv comedy pilot and now a feature film. After this feature film I am going to direct my first 35mm short film. Awesome point about collaboration with your cast and crew. In the end its a collective of artist that make a feature film.

  3. 3 moni

    Great video. Can you put up a downloadable version? Thanks.

  4. 4 Michael Owens

    Great segment. I’ll look forward to more. I’d love to see a series of segments dealing with DP functions and skills. Also “on set” protocols and procedures for crewmembers and film makers as well.

  5. 5 Archie Cocke

    Thank you FreshDV for all that you do for the greater good! And yeah Joe Martin for sharing your insights! You’ve come far since playing the Tasmanian Hitman in The F-Files.

    Much love,


  6. 6 Morrison Brown


    thanks from germany. there are a lots of true spoken words in it.
    As a director, you are dad, you are the mom, the producer, the writer,
    sometimes an actor yourself, and you are the creative and structural leader.
    It is important, if you would die for your project or not.
    Everybody, in the cast and the crew, will recognize just this point of emotion.
    As a director you are all the parts of a car, and you are wellcome all the people
    you are going to come in touch with, to take a place inside. On you. In you.
    And you will surrounding them all time.

    Im looking forward to this series.


  7. 7 Kendal Miller

    This will likely be a 6-8 part series guys, its pretty comprehensive so stay tuned.

  8. 8 Jordan

    GREAT video, thanks for spending the time to make this happen!

  9. 9 mediaguy

    I THOROUGHLY enjoyed that! Thanks!!!

  10. 10 Director

    May you upload this video on Youtube?

  11. 11 Matthew Jeppsen

    Please don’t upload this to Youtube. At this time we are not offering a downloadable version, expect a DVD title for purchase available in the near future. Thanks.

    -Matt Jeppsen