Controlling Your NLE with Your iPhone

Here’s a neat hat-trick you can perform with your iPhone, 3G model not required. Using remote control software VNSea or TouchPad, you can perform basic key-driven editing operations on the Final Cut Pro timeline from across the room.

“Once you’re all set up and are connected, launch Final Cut Pro, and set the Video Playback to Digital Cinema Preview Main. Hit CMD- F12 to turn on All Frames. The video should be full screen. Now, bring up the keyboard on your iPhone in the VNC program, and go to town. J,K,L keys are good for playback. Set markers with M. Also useful will be I and O for setting the in and out points. Key combinations with shift also seem to work.”

I can’t see why this isn’t also possible for Avid users as well. Along the same lines, here is Scott Simmon’s wishlist for iPhone apps for filmmakers.

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