Cineform is probably most well-known for their intermediate codec for Windows users on Premiere Pro. About a year ago they started offering the same solution for users on the Intel Mac platform. If you’ve never worked with it, the Cineform codec is a mature workflow for a variety formats, and is essentially resolution agnostic. It can be helpful in solving the unique challenges of long-GOP MPEG editing and they offer one of the simplest and methods of getting proper 24p HDV from the Canon HV20 and HV30. At NAB this year they were showing off their workflow for 2K and 4K formats, including a few exciting options for Red One users. Of note is the unique “active metadata” LUT solution they have integrated into the codec…it’s a real showstopper. In the following video, Cineform’s David Taylor walks us through the featureset they now offer, and some of the unique reasons users should take a look at Cineform. It’s an exciting segment for those that have an interest in post for cameras like the SI-2K and Red One. Watch via the attached download link or at FreshTV.

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