Feed Your Brain - Matt JeppsenThis audio podcast is a discussion with video guru Adam Wilt about his experiences with a pre-production Sony XDCAM PMW-EX1 prototype camcorder. The interview was recorded prior to the holidays, but we feel it remains relevant and informative even with some of the changes made in final EX1 production models. Adam talks about the camera’s ergonomics and handling, display and evf options, image controls, latitude and sensitivity, CMOS rolling shutter issues, his opinions on the HDV format and HDV vs XDCAM, the EX1 codec implementation, on Mike Curtis running, lens operation, the requisite vignetting discussion, sharpness and resolution, the SxS workflow and data wrangling, HD-SDI output and colorspace, and finally Adam’s picks on what areas the EX excels in, and what drawbacks it brings to the table.

You can listen to the interview via our normal Podcast Feed, or download the MP3 manually below.
Read more about Adam Wilt and his extensive DV research at adamwilt.com.

4 Responses to “Interview with Adam Wilt on the XDCAM EX1”  

  1. 1 Tommy Williams

    Great audio podcast on the XDCAM EX-1. While looking around for products for the EX-1, I came across a company this is coming out with a shoulder brace specifically made for the EX-1. Here is the link http://www.studio1productions.com/vsb1.htm

    From what the demo video says, it allows you to “shoulder” mount the camera. I like this idea, as I prefer a shoulder mount camera.

    They also have a video on the EX-1 at this link http://www.studio1productions.com/dvd-700.htm


  2. 2 Matthew Jeppsen

    Thanks for the heads up, Tommy!

    -Matt Jeppsen

  3. 3 oyun

    I read it and i think you right.

  1. 1 Adam Wilt Reviews the XDCAM EX1 at FreshDV
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