Most independent filmmakers are familiar with the story of how director Robert Rodriguez created a feature for only $7,000. His film called El Mariachi was eventually picked up for US distribution and reportedly went on to earn over two million. It launched Rodriguez’s career and paved the way for larger budgets in the ensuing chapters of his Mariachi trilogy, Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. In the following two videos, the director shows scenes from El Mariachi and talks about how they accomplished so much on such a meager budget (they only shot 25 rolls of film!). Welcome to 10-Minute Film School, class is in session! For more indie flavor from this director, check out his Rebel Without a Crew book.

If you enjoyed these shorts, you should also check out Film is Dead: An Evening with Robert Rodriguez where he talks about his personal transition to HD from film.

(Via Filmlinker)

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    great stuff, very inspirational, and very nicely explained!! I like that the guy doesn’t shy from revealing his most misterious techniques :D awesome stuff!!! awesome!!!

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