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FreshDV Live Show for Tuesday November 27

Feed Your Brain - Join the FreshDV Live Show discussion and dish your thoughts on the film and digital worldJoin us again tonight, Tuesday 11/27/2007 for another Live FreshDV Show @ 9:30 PM Central Time.

We will have a segment with Michael Kent of DSC Labs, and will hopefully be joined by Anthony Burokas of IEBA later in the show to talk about his hands-on experience with the new Sony Z7U and S270U cameras. We’ll also have a short segment with the filmmakers behind the indie feature “Heart of Now”. This week will be a little more free as far as topics go, so we encourage you to give us a call during the show and share some news or ask a question. You can also e-mail us in advance with comments or specific questions.

If you missed last weeks show, expect an archive to be posted in the very near future in our Podcast Feed. Once again, the show starts at 9:30 PM CST (that’s 10:30 PM Eastern and 7:30 PM Pacific). We invite you to join the discussion.

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