MPAA admits that DRM encourages Piracy

Brad Hunt, Motion Picture Association of America executive vice president and chief technology officer at the Digital Home Developers Conference:

“I understand that if we frustrate the consumer, they will simply pirate the content.� He also acknowledged the fact that many consumers are already frustrated because they’re having to buy multiple copies of an album or movie to play on different devices. For example, a song you buy on the iTunes Store won’t play on your Nokia cellphone. And a song you buy on MSN Music or the Zune Marketplace won’t play on your iPod.

Lest you think that the MPAA has suddenly gone soft on Digital Rights Management issues, realize that they are just acknowledging technical issues with DRM, and attempting to make content protection mechanisms more cross-platform and interoperable.

Great idea, though I seriously doubt a organization so incredibly mired in outdated thinking will be the one to bring a unified solution to market. What do you think? Any chance there will be a reasonably unified DRM standard in the near future?

3 Responses to “MPAA admits that DRM encourages Piracy”  

  1. 1 Mike Curtis

    No. Not for 5 years or more.

    What – Apple and Microsoft will co-develop something?

    Not a chance in hell.

    Texans will vote for gay marriage before that happens…wait, no they won’t, sad to say…

  2. 2 freshdv

    “Apple and Microsoft will co-develop something? Not a chance in hell.”

    My thoughts exactly…and those two companies alone represent the largest share of the market. It will be a cold day in southern hades when they share the same standards.

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