Here’s nice geeky article that talks about ILM’s datacenter facility in San Francisco.

“Industrial Light & Magic uses high-speed NAS servers with a distributed file system, 10gb/sec Ethernet, and a 5000-node renderfarm to store and move 170tb of content”

170 terabytes makes me want to cry. And with a half-dozen films in the pipeline, ILM has used up 90% of that capacity. (!!!)
What is really cool is all that storage (3000+ disks) show up as a single virtual disk drive to users. And they are working on a solution that would make that storage available to a facility located in Singapore. Pretty amazing stuff…

(Via Slashdot)

One Response to “How to fill up 170 terabytes of storage: Industrial Light & Magic’s Datacenter”  

  1. 1 Josh Oakhurst

    Hey Matt – Back online – up in Portland now.

    “170 TB makes me want to cry.”


    More tomorrow –

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